Pager-Duty with Librenms

Hi Guys,

I’ve integrated Librenms with Pager-Duty, where should I adjust which Alerts will be triggered by Pager duty ?


At present, you can not tell which alerts to use specific transports with librenms.

If you need help with Pager-Duty themselves then you need to visit their support.

Hi Kevin,

The Pager duty was integrated successfully with Librenms, do you mean on the librenms in alert rulles I should choose whether to use pager duty or not?

Like i said at present you cant specify which rules use what transport.

Got it, thanks

Is there any roadmap for the next year ,when these alerts can be adjusted for librenms?

There is no “road map” this is a community-based project, that being said depends on when developers volunteer time and coding for something like that.

Is there any page, where I can list the features, which will be nice to have in the system?

Yes over here ->