Palo Alto Error discovering os module

Lately it seems LibreNMS is unable to get the OS version of my Palo Alto Firewalls. I am not really sure why this started. Historically if I added a new device it would grab pretty much everything except the OS version so I would do a rediscover and it would grab it. Now that work around doesn’t work. Looking for anyway to rectify this.

The odd part is on existing firewalls if I upgrade code on them it works fine, it discovers a new version and documents it. If I add a new device there is simply no way to get it to discover the OS version any longer.

This error just reappears over and over under “Logs/Event Log”:
2024-03-06 08:28:29 discovery xv-beer-fw Error discovering os module. Check log file for more details. System

What log file it is referring to?

Got this taken care of with help on the reddit Libre forum from Tozz2

Looks like after turning that geolocate off it works normally! I don’t need that on so I will leave it off. It was under Global Setting, External, Locations Settings “attempt to geocode locations” I disabled that slider.