Palo Alto Networks HA states

I’m writing additional alert rules for Palo Alto Networks boxes. It seems the HA state is converted from a string returned by the PAN-COMMON MIB to a numeric value for the graphs. I have

HA state
active == 1
passive == 2

However, I’d like to have the other HA states which are


Anyone looked at this or have a pointer to where the panSysHAState string is converted into a number?

It’s done in discovery, you would need to reference the IDs in the alert rule.

Just found the panos.yaml file that has the definitions. I’m unclear on the generic value in the state definition

                        - { value: 1, generic: 0, graph: 1, descr: active }
                        - { value: 2, generic: 3, graph: 1, descr: passive }
                        - { value: 3, generic: 2, graph: 1, descr: suspended }

otherwise, it looks very straightforward to modify.