Passport 8610 missing sensors

Hello guys, i’m fairly new to this, so feel free to correct and indicate the right way pls.

I have a bunch of Extreme Boss OS devices and they are actually getting all the info i need out of the box except these 2 cores Passport 8610. They only show the Graph for network utilization and a chassis Temp that is even broken.

I did a lot of research and spent a lot of hours in this, so i learned about mibs and oids and how the discovery of devices and sensors are made.

i did some digging in the Git of librenms and i found that the Mib that is used for this big guys are RAPID-CITY, and they are indeed already in the Mib files on the Nortel folder, so i proceeded to do a discovery file for the ram and cpu to test without any real result.

here it is:

total: RAPID-CITY::rcSysDramSize
free: RAPID-CITY::rcSysDramFree
used: RAPID-CITY::rcSysDramUsed
precision: 1024
type: passport8510-mem
descr: ‘Dynamic Memory’

            oid: RAPID-CITY::rcSysCpuUtil
            num_oid: '.{{ $index }}'
            descr: passport-8610-cpu

I did with yaml and i did no try to use php because it says in the docs its bad practice.
I used the docs and saw how the other discovery yaml files like “includes/definitions/discovery/voss.yaml”
i proceeded to use the capture discovery on the GUI with no results.

Am i missing some piece here?


I will let this reply to the lost wandering souls like me if they need help lol.
I managed to add every sensor i needed through yaml after some extensive research on the docs, and mainly comparing other yamls and understanding how discovery works with php and yaml.
In this case specifically, the os discovery was set with other type of switches MIB, and that was my main source of confusion to why it was getting the os but not the sensors. I first isolated rapid-city mib with a new “fake os” and then i managed to get both Mibs in the same OS being discovered with no conflict between them(to do this i specified which mib is beeing used on every line.)

Did you PR your changes?

If no, please do!!!

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