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I downloaded the latest OVA file for VMware and during the installation part of the Libernms setup was completed. The step where you are setting up MariaDB and creating the database along with setting the password is already a part of the image. My installation has went through successfully but I don’t know the password to log in. I tried “password” like in the installation instructions and also the passwords in the password link below and none work. Does anyone know the password? I also changed the password with code that I found on the net but I read somewhere that I also had to update it in php but couldn’t find where to update it. Can someone please assist with the password or the process with changing the password so I can log in. I’m a newbie at this so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Check in the .env file for the password.
Either the password changes on all servers or the page is incorrect.

I checked the .env file and there wasn’t a password there. The password I am looking for is the password where you set up the MariaDB database. The latest image out there has the database created and password set already. I ran this command in MariaDB: SET PASSWORD FOR ‘libernms’ = PASSWORD(‘newpassword’);

After I ran that command every time I went to my IP of the database I would get a bad password error. I read somewhere that I have to change the password in another place as well but couldn’t find where.

All the passwords are on the webpage that you’ve linked to.

Yes they are but none work so that’s why I am here trying to get help.

I’m not able to test the image at the moment but I’d be surprised if all of the passwords listed don’t work, theirs 4 different passwords for various parts of the system.

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I’ve tried it again today and it worked. I could have possible been entering it wrong. User error :man_facepalming:

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