Per device credentials for Oxidized


We have a couple of odd devices, which have separate login credentials, for example the firewalls.
How would I define those credentials? Should I make a separate group per device, or is there something more simple?


I plus 1 for this feature

Oxidized does not allow credentials to be passed by the API (afaik), so you have to define them in the oxidized config.

One way is to use groups. But that is a bit tedious.

So only way to have a ‘per device’ is to define them ‘per group’?

Actually, I think the oxidized ssh has a config file that might work also.

Hello guys, have another idea to do this? I have try almost everything in oxidized config file, but nothing works yet.

I had success with this:

username: admin
password: password123
model: fortios
username: admin
password: password321
model: aosw
username: manager
password: password231
model: procurve

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