Pfsense openvpn traffic not populating graphs in librenms

Hello and thank you for this wonderful product!
I am a LibreNMS newb and am having a strange result. I am hopeful one of you could shed some like on this.

The two pieces of equipment listed below:

librenms@LibreNMS:~$ ./validate.php
Component | Version
--------- | -------
LibreNMS | 1.33-178-gce913cd
DB Schema | 217
PHP | 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
MySQL | 10.0.31-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.2
RRDTool | 1.5.5
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database schema correct

2.4.2-RELEASE (amd64)
built on Mon Nov 20 08:12:56 CST 2017
FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
The system is on the latest version.
Version information updated at Wed Nov 29 16:39:20 PST 2017

I recently changed from Cacti to LibreNMS and Cacti was able to SNMP poll the openvpn traffic from the pfSense installations.

The issue I am having is that any of the openvpn services I have configured on pfSense are not populating graphs within LibreNMS. LibreNMS sees the openvpn services (5 in total, 3 server, 2 client) just doesn’t seem to be able to collect data from them? It is like this for several other similar pfSense installations I have running.

Another interesting note: I have a older piece of hardware running pfSense but at version 2.2.6 with a single openvpn client. LibreNMS is collecting the the openvpn port traffic off of this pfSense installation.

Has anyone had similar experiences and or know where/how to go about trouble shooting this?

Thanks in advance!

So its not collecting the OpenVPN port traffic?

LibreNMS is collecting regular interface traffic only.
LibreNMS does detect and knows that openvpn interfaces exist.

Pastebin the output of discovery debug and poller debug.

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m ports
./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m ports

Apparently there was too much to cut copy paste here. How can i send this information to you?

dont paste it into the community fourm use or gist or then just link it here.

ahh… well i already put it here:

Its not reporting any traffic like you said. Could be a bug in the firmware you may want to report it to Pfsense.

ok. thank you for your assistance!!! :slight_smile:

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Im running Pfsense also I will double check my installs and see.

i will watch for your results/reply :slight_smile: Thank you again!

Yeah, mine is doing the same no traffic being reported. :frowning:

Something may have broke in their updates? 2.2.6 is still working, but 2.4.2 is not.

I will put a question up on their forum about this.

Could this be a OID difference? I see traffic still being logged in Cacti for the same VPN ports on said devices. Cacti does not differentiate the different types of traffic, eg) ifInOctets, ifOutOctets, ifInErrors, ifOutErrors, ifInUcastPkts, ifOutUcastPkts, ifInNUcastPkts, ifOutNUcastPkts, ifInDiscards, ifOutDiscards, ifInUnknownProtos, ifInBroadcastPkts, ifOutBroadcastPkts, ifInMulticastPkts, ifOutMulticastPkts. Being that LibreNMS does discern the different types perhaps this could be whats going on?

If this is the case… Is there a way in LibreNMS to alter which OID it pulls data from?

LibeNMS uses the IF-MIB

Not sure what that difference is. Arn’t OID’s contained within an MIB?

This attached file shows the data SNMP captured from the pfSense 2.4.2 box.

This attached file shows the output OID’s that LibreNMS is polling for data.

It appears that LibreNMS is watching the incorrect OID. Am I incorrect with this?

@laf or @murrant any idea on this? maybe Pfsense uses 32-bit counters?

Turn on selected port polling for this device and try.

I am not sure how to turn on port polling… Advise please?

The info is on - search for it :slight_smile: