PHP Call for API Graph

Hi Guys,

I am trying to work with a developer to create a module to hook to my WHMCS for my hosting company. We are trying to basically use the API to get the graph from a certain port, however we can’t find which PHP call from the API to use for the specific graph we want.

This is the specific graph we want to have displayed:

However, this is the graph we get when we created the test PHP script to try and get that graph: – the reason why I want the graph from the screenshot is because it shows the total usage.

Which PHP call from the API should we use to get the graph we want displayed from the API Guide.

Thanks so much!

did you look at the API doc?

Click on the image and look at the url to find out what parameters to give to the API.

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Yes we did and couldn’t find the graph…
Which is why I am curious to see if anyone here knows

So if this is the URL:

Would it be port_bits?? We tried that as well and it didn’t work

Yes type=port_bits and id=30

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