PHP Minimum version raised to PHP 8.1

The minimum PHP version for LibreNMS has been raised to PHP 8.1. Starting with LibreNMS 22.10.0, PHP 8.1 specific code will be allowed making things incompatible with older versions.

The reason for the update is to keep up with upstream PHP support and our dependencies raising their minimum versions. To keep things running on secure and supported code, LibreNMS will need to periodically raise minimum versions. PHP 8.1 was selected to reduce the frequency with which we need to update the PHP minimum version. PHP 8.1 is generally available on most distributions either by official or third party repositories.

Installs with older versions of PHP will continue to function, but cease getting updates. If you want to continue to receive updates, you will need to upgrade PHP. Likely, this will mean migrating to a new install for many of you. It may help to review the install documentation and migration documentation

Feel free to ask for help on the community forums or on discord. Most of the problems people run into are generic Linux issues and a google search will be helpful to resolve the issues. Running “./validate.php” and visiting the validate page on the web will help identify well-known issues.

Common mistakes include leaving old PHP version installed and not restarting php-fpm after the upgrade.

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