Pi-Hole App graphs incorrect

Add a device enable P-Hole app and install the Pi-Hole extend

Guide: https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Applications/#pi-hole

As you can see the stats reported incorrectly, 36K PTR records and only 30 A records, so its clearly wrong.
I had a quick look at the problem, the Pi-Hole API has changed. Currently I don’t have time to make a PR otherwise I would. I was thinking of changing the extend so it returned the JSON output from the Pi-Hole via SNMP to LibreNMS so then it can be easily be used. This way if Pi-Hole add more data to the API long as they don’t change the value names, then it’ll carry on working. This is what has happened here. they’ve added in more data and the way the extend has been written its returning the new data values instead and the wanted values are now further down the array, so are not picked up.