Ping only devices not shown on "Network"


i have several devices which will only be pinged, no snmp, and they didn’t show up under
Overview -> Maps -> Network
is there something i can do to fix this issue?

with regards


Network map is build by discovery protocols (xdp, arp) so only seen by those will be draw on map

by which arp table it will be build up?

I ask, because it builds the network Map including a second network behind a router which is on the other side of vpn tunnel and both sides of VPN Tunnel are core router and their arp tables contains the missing “ping devices”
the librenms server is a seperate machine on my side of the vpn

It will read from all arp enabled devices in LibreNMS.

the missing devices are listed in the arp table in command line and also on arp table in librenms on the ethernet devices they are connected on
the only difference is, the missing devices don’t have snmp and are monitored by ping only