Ping.php skipping devices

Hi all,

Out of office and on my phone so unable to post validate, but the only current issue in there is .PHP timezone missing (it’s not, don’t know why it keeps complaint about this but that’s another issue!)

My problem has started since adding device dependencies. I know they are set up correctly, but since setting them it’s messed with my ping.php alerting.

From what I make out in the debug file, Tier 0 is devices with no parents or child’s. Tier 1 is devices with child’s but no parents. Tier 2, children etc etc.

My problem is, it seems to be skipping most of my Tier 1 devices, therefore it’s deferring a whole load of Tier 2, 3 etc devices

I really can’t work out why, I’ve run /.ping.php -d -v and searched for one of my Tier 1 devices. It lists them at the very top, then the next time they are seen is at the very end where it says “devices left in Tier 1: 10.x.x.x”…this means my “device down” alerts only work when the main poller runs.

For further info, my poller runs every 5 minutes and I have fastping enabled (every 30s) (followed the guide to the letter, checked and triple checked config).

I’ve searched and searched and come up with nothing on this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

EDIT: It is actually pinging the device by the looks of it, if I monitor traffic on the interface I can see incoming ICMP packets to the address, sourced from Libres IP, the ping.php script just isn’t registering that or even hinting at the fact