Platform column for Proxmox 4.2


I’m relatively new to librenms… only started using it and testing it a couple of days ago… I added the unix agent on a number of proxmox servers (v4.2) and used the agent setup guide, then added the proxmox script etc to get things working and graphing… the small problem i can’t seem to work out is the “platform” column under devices list… many (not all) the proxmox servers show:


Any ideas why one of the proxmox 4.2 servers work while the others don’t?



Hi. I just worked it out.

I had the following 3 lines:

#If you have ‘dmidecode’ installed on your host, you can add the following lines for additional hardware detection
extend . hardware '/usr/sbin/dmidecode -s system-product-name’
extend . manufacturer '/usr/sbin/dmidecode -s system-manufacturer’
extend . serial ‘/usr/sbin/dmidecode -s system-serial-number’

in the snmpd.conf on each of the proxmox 4.2 servers. Removing those lines gets rid of the permission denied problem.

dmidecode is installed on all the servers by the way, not sure why those 3 lines break what is shown on the console.