Please Add New OS Ericsson IPOS - Device SSR 8010, SSR 8020

Please add for New OS Device below :

OS : ipos
Vendor : Ericsson
Logo : Ericsson
Hardware : SSR 8010 & SSR 8020

Discovery : Untitled - LibreNMS
Poller : Untitled - LibreNMS
snmpbulkwalk : snmpwalk ericsson ipos - LibreNMS

Download link MIB Ericsson IPOS : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Your WeTransfer link expired, got a new one?

Hi Tozz, thanks for the response.
I reupload it in gdrive below :


Thanks. There already is discovery support for Ericsson IPOS, your device isn’t included in the OID list. I’ve fixed that on my installation, so it’s now identified as a IPOS device.

However, there is no sensor discovery for IPOS. What information would you like to see in LibreNMS/

Information like Processor, Storage, State, Temperature, Voltage.
and if possible detect multiple-context and get ipv4 also arp from there.
Thanks for your help.


Alright, I got storage, temperature and a few state sensors implemented.
I decided not to do voltage sensors, as there are * a lot*. About a hundred of them. I have my doubts if that’s very useful.

I’ll see what I can do regarding processor. Stuff like VLANs, IPv4 and other stuff is something I’ll have to dig in to. Never implemented that before. But I’ll do a PR before I’ll work on that.

You mentioned ‘MEMORY-MIB’, I don’t see that in the RAR file. Am I missing a file or is it not there?

Just made a PR:

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Oh yaa, sorry there is no MEMORY-MIB actually :slight_smile:
Thanks again for helping add the device into LibreNMS

Yeah I hope it gets accepted soon. @PipoCanaja wants to try and see if my PHP code can be converted to YAML instead. I think that’s what’s holding this back now.

2nd try

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