Please add support for Zyxel XMG3927-B50A

Please can support for this Zyxel Router be added, im specifically looking for Broadband Sync Speeds etc so i can log them but CPU and memory usage etc and all the other usual bells and whistles you usually get would be great.


Many thanks

Hi @Roy_Cruse
Unfortunately, this devices does not provide any data outside interfaces. Nothing concerning broadband, nothing concerning CPU / Memory. May be you could try to install the latest firmware if not done already, and contact Zyxel support to ask for proper SNMP support.
LibreNMS will soon recognise the device (meaning Zyxel icon will be added) but that’s the only thing we can do for now.

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Running the SNMP capture from within libreNMS web interface actually returns more info than was recorded when i exported from the cmd line (does it get truncated ?)

Please see paste from the web interface

There does seem to be additional info regarding the xDSL connection etc. at the end

Yep, seems that you interrupted the CLI a little bit too early. The data is now here, but we also need the MIB file to know which line means what.
Could you contact Zyxel to get it ? Seems that it is not available on their website yet.
I found an old one that does not cover all of the data. At least I can grab the SW and HW version, as well as the serial number.