Please help with notes widget

Hello, i want to use notes widget on dashboard for displaying map of my city. I am used <iframe

src=“” frameBorder=“0” width=“100%” height = “100%”>

Map is showing correctly but it is refreshing regullary. Is possible to stop refreshing pages which will be displayed by notes ?

Refresh for dashoboard from librenms is disabled by default i think, so with that is not problem.

Thank you.

Under Global settings in UI, or config.php, check for page_refresh

I think you would need to set this to 0 to disable

$config['page_refresh'] = '0';

Thank you for your reply. But i dont have problem with refreshing page of librenms like as one piece, just with page which is displayed in notes widget. Maybe I just need to use some html tag to stop refreshing, or maybe somewhere in a code of that widget. I dont know, maybe somebody will help me.

There is loaded map of city, which i want to display without refreshing

You can’t control the refresh rate of the widgets at present.