Please support PEP 668 distribution - though upstream does not seem to provide a non interactive mean to do so calls pip3:
scripts/ > /dev/null 2>&1 || pip3 install -r requirements.txt > /dev/null 2>&1
this is not supported any more in distribution implementing PEP 668.
I cannot find a migration guide for non-interactive pip calls on PEP 668 installs.
Maybe creating a python virtualenv and calling its python3 binary instead of the system one.
This would require changing all the shebang calling the system python3 to the virtualenv.
But even this kind of setup might not be a correct fix (though I use it locally for a debops/ansible setup and it works).
The documents I see about python3 virtualenv tell to source the venv ./bin/activate though that is only doable in interactive cases.
Maybe this need to be sorted out with upstream python how they intended for one to check the requirements were fulfilled without using pip3?

Note this also affect running composer fro LibreNMS code, because of:

composer.json:            "scripts/ || pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt || :"                                                            

The issue was already raised in, though indeed this feature is not implemented and the “Help” channel might not have been in the right place.

Well maybe the requirements check without pip3 is already fulfilled with scripts/

Nevermind. There is no issue as the scripts/ and script/ already check if the requirements were already installed before calling into pip3.
So one only has to install the system packages that fulfill these dependencies.

Still, that would be great if there was a means to fulfill these dependencies via pip3 on a python3 install fulfilling PEP 668 (ie have librenms run python scripts in a venv or alike).