Plugin: Dependency Map


Really like the the new “Device Dependency” function in LibreNMS, was a long-waited one. Found out that this feature lacked some visual representation, which I see as a must-have on big installations.

I have written a small plugin to have this functionality, maybe somebody will find it useful.
The plugin is based on the generic LibreNMS map module and at this point lacks some filtering (by device ID’s, or device groups), since i didn’t find a decent way to make it look nice.

Repo link -


Just tried it out and it seems to work :slight_smile: thank you @blizko wonder if could add this to the core code, make a PR. in git.

As far as I saw - that will require some significant changes to main code (including main menu, device menu), as well as additions, like device, device group filters. Maybe at some point :slight_smile: will try to make this happen in core :wink:

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Very nice! good work :slight_smile:

can i modify the plugin to show device names instead og ip addresses?

Oh yes, this is really nice plugin. thank you :beer:

The Plugin shows the device hostname, just like the device is defined inside the LibreNMS installation.
It is possible to change the “title” of the each graph node inside the code, take a look at lines that define “$devices_by_id[$local_device_id]”, and “$devices_by_id[$remote_device_id]”

This is realy nice plugins, thank you…
is thera any way to share the map to dashboard?