Plugin release: nmscustomfields - add custom fields to devices

Hello LibreNMS community,

I am excited to announce the release of my plugin nmscustomfields. It’s a plugin that lets you add user defined fields with text to devices.

The plugin is available at Github repository nmscustomfields.

The way this plugin works is that you create custom fields, add a field to the device, and it will be visible.

And yes, it has a very simple API for adding, updating and removing fields on devices.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you have any issues or discover bugs, please report them using the issue tracker on GitHub. Thanks!

Please note that this plugin is far from complete. It provides the bare minimum for now to add custom fields to devices.

I would like to thank dmbokhan for his inspiration to create this plugin!


Awesome work, glad someone is using the v2 plugin api.