Plugin to be alerted of new firmware versions of equipment

Hello everyone,
I am a fairly new user of libreNMS and I have a question regarding it,
Is it possible to reference the firmware versions of added equipment, and to have an alert when a new version is available?
The goal would be to strengthen the security of my network equipment essentially equipped with Fortinet, Cisco ASA/FTD and CheckPoint by avoiding manual processes to see the new versions

If this is not a native function of libreNMS, does a plugin exist? Or if not, is it possible?

Thank you for your help

Head to the devel channel on Discord. There is another person working on a plugin right now, you could share notes.

This seems outside the scope of LibreNMS, so a plugin would be a good option.

thank you for letting me know

Probably besides the point. As you do not use this NOS. ⟶ Cisco IOS-XR is migrating to a similar schema as Juniper uses today. IOS XR Release Taxonomy Bulletin - Cisco

I understood that AlertManager from Prometheus could be integrated into LibreNMS,
does it allow the management of alerts based on “personalized” cert RSS feeds? The Style of RSS feeds from the manufacturer on the firmware version for example?

Summary: No
If you are looking to do this directly in LibreNMS. No. You can alert on data fetched from the host. But otherwise comparing e.g. a firmware revision based on the latest version available from an external RSS source is not available.

Alert Transports are meant to push data to external systems. Not into LibreNMS.

What you could do is use the LibreNMS API to fetch the firmware version of your device (assumed you export the firmware version to LibreNMS in the first place). And use an external script/system to compare the firmware versions fetched from the LibreNMS API (on per device basis) against e.g. the latest available firmware version from an RSS feed.

LibreNMS can fetch data about a current running device and its state. Alerting based newer available firmware version(s) needs to be done elsewhere outside LibreNMS.