PoE graphs - What is the status?


I was wondering the status of the PoE polling.
As most of the posts I found on the subject, I succeeded (with $config[‘enable_ports_poe’] = 1; ) to have the RRD files built, but they never appeared anywhere in the GUI.

Looking at the sourcecode, I never found any logic to display them.

And I quickly added this logic based on the dot3 conditionnal code for graphs in the network interface and got it to display correctly. A new graph_type definition and the block in the interface page are the only changes necessary.

So am I missing something obvious, or the PoE display code is missing ? (I run current master).

If it is, I’ll submit the change to add it.


There is no standard mib for poe info, so it needs to be added for each device type. Also, not all transceivers supply diagnostic detail.

You are going to need to supply more specific detail if you want to go further.


The question is really to know what’s there and what’s not. Basically, I see that RRD collection is there for at least some devices. But no display of graphs is done. Is it right or do I miss something ?
If yes, then I will commit simple graphs for the currently collected RRDs at first. Then, adding support for other devices will basically be a few OID conditionnaly polled depending on the device.



I opened a PR with code for Cisco and Huawei Switches, tested for the polling and graphing.

If anybody feels testing it on other Huawei/Cisco devices and let us know how it goes ?