Poller Cluster Health

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Newbie to LibreNMS since a couple of weeks back. Our requirements seems a bit tougher than most, considering the number of devices and ports. At the moment I am testing with 2 711 devices (switches mainly but a few other types of devices as well) and roughly 62 000 ports.

I have separated the services as DB, RRDS/Memcache/Redis, pollers and web. Until this Monday, I had the cron jobs doing the polling and roughly 400 seconds to poll all devices. On Monday, I changed the configuration and I’m now using the newer Redis/Python polling function. It seems to work fine, even though I’ve disabled about half of my devices as of now. Now the problem is that I can’t seem to find the total polling time for all devices belonging to a certain poller. Getting all sorts of other useful statistics but I’d like to compare to the cron polling and then I need the total polling time for all devices.

Also, I must have done some kind of mistake in my setup since the /poll-log statistics page sometimes shows the poller belonging to group 1 and sometimes group 2, never both at the same time. And the poller name is always the same, the one belonging to group two, even when statistics for group 2 is shown.