Poller doc


I’m new with librenms and trying to run a server (web, mysql, RRDCached) and a poller for test. I have 1330 devices on 50 sites for the future. I follow your documentation (https://docs.librenms.org/#Extensions/Distributed-Poller/#example-setup) but there is no communication between server and poller. I found some solutions on the forum in contradiction with the documentation. It seems the doc is not longer up to date or hard to understand.
I have some quetions :

  • what are the commands to know if communication between server and poller is ok ?
  • what commands I must do in the web UI to see all the pollers ?

thank you for the answers. your software is really good

To check the pollers you can look in the web ui under /pollers/tab=pollers/

Settings Icon then Pollers

thank you.

Distributed polling is not working help a lot for explaining distributed polling. thank you abatapa