Poller expected duration times

Hi All

What are the expected poller times for a single host?

I have:

  • 3x distributed pollers on running on 6 sockets (3core, 2 cpu), 16gb ram, 200gb ssd
  • 1x mariadb server 4 sockets, 32gb ram, 200gb ssd
  • 1x shared rrdcached/memcsched server 4 socket, 32gb, 200gb ssd

The currently poll 960+ devices consisting of network switches, window os, Linux os hosts.

As it stands, a number of windows os devices configured to use all 3 snmp distributed pollers take between 70-140secs for a successful poll.
the rest average between 20-40secs.

The 140sec polls recently came about from a Librenms update (which looks to have increased CPU usage) however would like to know what everyone else gets to have a baseline.


If you go to a Device -> Graphs -> Poller you will see what module has increased time than before.

Yea, the polling times for OS was the most notableā€¦ linux OS being invariably 3 times faster in retrieving polls than Windows OS SNMP devices.


Is this an expected baseline though? Unsure what everyone else gets