Poller group concept question

Hi guys.
Sorry for this question , there a lot of links about this but can not get a clear explanation.
About poller groups…
Why is poller groups associated with distributed polling and scalling ?

What is exactly poller groups for ?
I want to group specific devices , on separated group for example “heavy load routers group” so I can:
1 Assing different pooling interval time (for example 10 minutes)
2 Measure polling group time for better tunning.
am I in the right direction ?

How should I create groups , assign polling time and assign devices to this new group.
Should I use gui to configure it ?
Should I use config.php file ?
Is there some example to accomplish this ?

Poller groups are used to assign devices to specific pollers, ie distributed pollers.
It doesn’t support individual polling times, It’s one setting for everything tho.

Patches welcome.

Thank you for your answer.
Having multiple pollers groups can prevent a complex device to create gaps in other devices graphs ?
Im talking about creating multiple polle groups on same machine.
Should I use config.php file to create poller groups and asign devices to it ? or can I go just with the gui? Is there some working example ?

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