Poller modules quick question(s) / long answer(s)?

Hi there,

I’m very new to LibreNMS and managed to install it on a ‘fresh’ CentOS7 vm.
Current version: 21.1.0-33-g291f90a - Tue Feb 16 2021 04:04:23 GMT+1300

I understand I can customize poller modules straight from Web UI (Global) but also get more specific to OS level by adding $config parameters to config.php


$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-ace-serverfarms’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-ace-loadbalancer’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-cbqos’] = 1;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-cef’] = 1;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-mac-accounting’] = 1;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-voice’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-remote-access-monitor’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-sla’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-ipsec-flow-monitor’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cipsec-tunnels’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-otv’] = 0;
$config[‘os’][‘ios’][‘poller_modules’][‘cisco-vpnd’] = 0;

Now, I couldn’t find this on the docs but that might have just been me being overwhelmed.

There are ‘definitions’ (yaml files) under ./include/definitions/ for the different platforms and devices so here is one of my questions.

1.- If I edit these, to make, let’s say, ios to have most of these modules set as false.
Do these changes survive and update/upgrade?
When are these definitions being read? Every time I add a new device that matches the definition?

This is just to understand how it works and when I should expect these changes to take effect.
I suspect these changes won’t retrofit existing devices matching the same definition, am I correct?

Example of the above:

cisco-ace-serverfarms: false
cisco-ace-loadbalancer: false
cisco-cbqos: true
cisco-cef: true
cisco-mac-accounting: true
cisco-voice: false
cisco-remote-access-monitor: false
cisco-sla: false
cisco-ipsec-flow-monitor: false
cipsec-tunnels: false
cisco-otv: false
cisco-vpdn: false
ipmi: false

  1. [EDIT] It seems these poller modules are MIBs, are they all MIBs? if poller modules = snmp, the answer is probably yes, correct?

Thanks for the time and keep up the good work :smiley:

I’ll answer myself. After running ./validate.php I realized it all works around the cloned repo so there are several checks and mechanism to make sure you don’t screw yourself over.

I had to run ./scripts/github-remove -d to discard my own changes to the yaml file.
Now all the OS based configs are on my config.php.

So I suspect then that the poller reads config.php at runtime and figures the modules that it should add or remove for any given device.

PS: I think I went to quick on posting. Who doesn’t love shortcuts (?)


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