Polling Groups

I have LibreNMS configured with distributed polling. The pollers show correctly under the polling section as I would expect.
When review the polling groups tab I see absolutely nothing even though the pollers have groups defined within the configuration.

$config[‘distributed_poller_group’] = 1;
$config[‘distributed_poller_group’] = 2;

Which is confirmed on the command line:

SHELL># ./dist-pollers.php -l groups
| ID | Group Name | Description |
| | | |

The only option I have on this screen is to add a new poller group which when auctioned seems to have no noticeable impact and I am unable to see how to add anything to these groups.
Im quite sure that my understanding of polling groups is limited however the documentation is not exactly clear in this regard.
Can you please advise or help me improve my understanding of poller groups.