Polling IPMI


I am having an issue, as a dedicated server provider we sell dedicated server on monthly basis. When delivering a machine we install SNMP and link it into LibreNMS. We also use the IPMI tab to monitor the hardware. We have alerts like, diskspace, load, memory and for IPMI, defective harddrive, memory, fans, psu etc. In general this works perfectly but let’s say 40% of the customer of the sold dedicated’s, people enable their firewall and/or remove the SNMP information which leads to the fact we don’t monitor IPMI as well.

We know we can add IPMI as well as seperate host but sometimes we use a third party server (without IPMI), we use our own machines for shared hosting with IPMI etc. When running over hundreds of servers and without making LibreNMS a mess, we would like to know if we can add the server and disable all modules except IPMI.

Anyone has the same issue?