Polling/Service checking interval and Alert Delay configuration

I have the following scenario in my Docker setup:
Configured a Service Alert Rule with a 1 minute delay (this is the default)
My polling interval is set to 5 minutes, so is my check-services interval.

I will describe a service check setup, I guess the something similar applies to other checks.

Service goes down at 11:03:00
LibreNMS detects it via the cron job at 11:05:00
Service goes up at 11:05:35

Should I get an alert?
Does the 1 minute delay make any sense in my setup?
How will LibreNMS know if the services state changed again during this minute and avoid sending false positives?
Do I have to set my pollers to run every minute?

delay < poller interval rarely makes any sense and can have seemingly random outcomes.
Probably should be a warning in the webui, but it can be hard to know polling interval for certain.

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