Polling without snmp and icmp (only unix agent)?


is it possible to disable snmp check and only use the unix agent?
It’s not possible to activate the unix agent module without snmp but in my case there is no snmp daemon on any server. And without a response from snmpd the host is declared as down, so no check with the unix agent will be done.

Or did I something wrong?

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Nope - didn’t do anything wrong but the menu changes as you noted and I wasn’t sure I could make it do what I wanted either.

What I did do was

  • Delete the device

  • Add it in WITH snmp but tick the box to force it, with an arbitrary nonexistent community to ensure no connections.

  • Now you can get at the modules to turn the unix agent on for the device and set up polling on that port

At present I haven’t had this running long enough to know if the normal poller is going to pick up the device, and I went ahead and turned off snmp again once I set it, but the command line poller (run as librenms, not root or you will have to reset permissions) seems to work.

“./poller.php -h servername”

Good luck.


Just a quick update.

No matter what I do, the system relies on snmp for the poller to work at all. This is ugly but you could (I think) work through running a check_mk for those servers from your librenms host. I have a NaN to catch.

be fortunate