Port association mode


I changed $config[‘os’][‘linux’][‘default_port_association_mode’] to ‘ifName’. A few questions about that:

  1. Should I restart something to activate the changes?
  2. What about previously discovered devices? Is there a way to apply the change to already discovered devices?


I could be wrong but i don’t think you can have default_port_association_mode to be OS specific, It can only be set per device or globally in the config.php with

$config['default_port_association_mode'] = 'ifName';

For already added devices, i think you will need to edit each device -> SNMP -> change port association mode, go back to device settings and then re-discover the device.

You can set it per-device, but it is set by device attribs. The easiest way to set it is in the webui.
It will be changed on the next discovery (try clicking the rediscover button to trigger it)

Thanks for the info! Reconfigured my devices in webui…