Port description additional ports shown next to a port

What does the following ports mean next to a port on a device?

Looks like it is random information, even on ports which are disabled:

Hi @radokristof
It is not random, it lists ports that have good chances to be connected (sharing same IP subnet range, etc etc)

For me, it is not correct in any case :slight_smile: Checked around 10 ports.
Is it somehow possible to correct this? Where does this data come from?

It comes from the device discovery. So it could be that your type of device is not discovered correctly. Can you give us more details ?

  • device (local and distant)
  • ip ranges (local and distant)
  • any discovery protocols (like LLDP etc)

In this view for instance, all the lines on the right part are interfaces of devices that are indeed connected to Vlan 99

Enabling ARP discovery will basically link everything together because it cannot detect topology only what MACs are seen on a port.

I think device is discovered correctly.

I usually use Mikrotik devices. Discovery protocols, LLDP and CDP is also enabled.
IP ranges: The management interface only has one subnet, which is in current case
@murrant ARP discovery is not enabled:

librenms:/opt/librenms# lnms config:get discovery_modules.discovery-arp

Ok, now I understand, it is not that “random”.

But it shows devices/ports from different locations connected. It is not connected at all, they just have the same subnet.
It is somehow possible to restrict this to each location?

Not currently. And more importantely, LibreNMS cannot know for sure if 2 locations share the same subnet (L2 speaking) or only have overlapping ip range without L2 connectivity … So this will always be only a hint for the network admin (unless you come with a solution to make it more precise that would be failsafe with different devices)

Ok thank you!

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