Port Description Auto vs Manual Question


Under my switches (port settings) for description, I see you can set it manually. However, in my cisco switches I already have descriptions set under each interface.

Libre doesnt seem to be acknowledging these and bringing them into the GUI. Is it supposed to be? I don’t want to set each port descriptoin in libre as it is too time consuming.

What am I missing possibly? Thanks

Yes during discovery interface descriptions on your devices should be updated in LibreNMS.

If this is not happening you should do a debug run of discovery on the device and have a look at what information it is getting.

This can be done using the ‘elipse’ icon next to the ‘cog’ icon under the device in the UI. select ‘Capture’ then on the ‘Discovery’ tab hit ‘Run’

but is libre supposed to get updated port description information every polling cycle or just when you hit rediscover device button?

Ive tried using that button but it doesnt pull in the data. I ran a debug, but not sure what to look for. I see port descriptions in there… shrug.

example I see:

'ifAlias' => 'Amcrest License Plate Cam',
'ifCounterDiscontinuityTime' => '0:0:00:00.00',
'ifDescr' => 'GigabitEthernet1/0/13',

FYI I figured it out. I had to clear out the description field in libre under the port with the issue, it switches to repoll, and then the next polling cycle it pulled in the correct description from the switch.

Hope this helps others. Thank you!

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