Port descriptions going blank

I am having trouble with port descriptions/ ifAlias. Discovery is shows the ifAlias correctly as defined on the equipment, however on polling l get VLAN = 0 ifAlias overriden by user. Waaaay back in the day I gave the names manually in the port settings in librenms. Once I started managing the devices and not just librenms I gave descriptions to the ports on devices themselves. Fast forward to today from time to time, at random intervals it seems my ports will lose the port descriptions, which screws up my billing and graphing because the customer or bandwidth identifiers are no longer there. What is confusing me is if I set these manual names, why can it be overwritten as blank since it knows enough to not overwrite them because of VLAN = 0 ifAlias overriden by user during the polling process. Anyone have insight why it is or advice on how to make it behave properly?