Port Details show "Traffic 0 bps" on connected ports for few random switches

Few Aruba/HP 2530 switches started having the the following problem while looking at port details:

Started somewhere after the upgrade to 22.10.
Switch OS firmware seems unrelated, some switches works on latest fimware, some don´t.

Graphs like memory, processor etc works fine but overall traffic is also empty/broken.
Firefox/Edge/Chrome, all display the same.


Component Version
LibreNMS 23.1.1 (2023-02-09T20:33:37+01:00)
DB Schema 2022_08_15_084507_add_rrd_type_to_wireless_sensors_table (248)
PHP 8.1.15
Python 3.10.10
Database MariaDB 10.5.19-MariaDB-1:10.5.19+maria~ubu2004
RRDTool 1.7.2
SNMP 5.9.3

[OK] Installed from the official Docker image; no Composer required
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database Schema is current
[OK] SQL Server meets minimum requirements
[OK] lower_case_table_names is enabled
[OK] MySQL engine is optimal
[OK] Database schema correct
[OK] MySQl and PHP time match
[OK] Active pollers found
[OK] Dispatcher Service is enabled
[OK] Locks are functional
[OK] No active python wrapper pollers found
[OK] Redis is functional
[WARN] IPv6 is disabled on your server, you will not be able to add IPv6 devices.
[OK] rrd_dir is writable
[OK] rrdtool version ok
[WARN] Updates are managed through the official Docker image

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