Port graph incorrect display

Changing the (automatically discovered) port speed (ifSpeed) of to does not help.

What else can we do?

Thanks for any help!




Check out this doc.


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I did. Got a bit further: the values for the outgoing packets are missing, the incoming are there and are shown in the graph. For the coming 24h (the overload is expected again tonight) I am running a snmpget every few seconds. I’ll check and report back tomorrow.

rrdtool fetch ./myinterface.rrd LAST --start 1576605900 --end 1576619700

                INOCTETS        OUTOCTETS

1576606200: 4.8050945101e+08 1.1889927954e+10
1576606500: 4.8108332778e+08 1.1990490044e+10
1576606800: 4.7341839512e+08 1.2039325228e+10
1576607100: 4.8428077567e+08 1.2077679958e+10
1576607400: 4.9783454991e+08 1.2250191733e+10
1576607700: 5.0316774089e+08 1.2355463862e+10
1576608000: 5.1193093610e+08 1.2420554234e+10
1576608300: 5.1452926232e+08 1.2471953519e+10
1576608600: 5.0613035840e+08 1.2475364290e+10
1576608900: 4.9981682941e+08 -nan
1576609200: 5.1290572297e+08 -nan
1576609500: 5.0476195234e+08 -nan
1576609800: 5.1236257247e+08 -nan
1576610100: 5.0486697357e+08 -nan
1576610400: 4.9688678729e+08 -nan
1576610700: 5.1470034647e+08 -nan
1576611000: 5.2008277780e+08 -nan
1576611300: 5.0312987688e+08 -nan
1576611600: 5.0640595196e+08 -nan
1576611900: 5.2295430348e+08 -nan
1576612200: 5.1681379036e+08 -nan
1576612500: 5.0693527686e+08 -nan
1576612800: 5.0977228629e+08 -nan
1576613100: 5.1439874686e+08 -nan
1576613400: 5.1941676644e+08 -nan
1576613700: 5.2490403754e+08 -nan
1576614000: 5.2651970895e+08 -nan
1576614300: 5.2756934333e+08 -nan
1576614600: 5.2714453020e+08 -nan
1576614900: 5.1774941569e+08 -nan
1576615200: 5.0374207507e+08 -nan
1576615500: 5.0569205708e+08 -nan
1576615800: 4.9700332445e+08 -nan
1576616100: 5.2255641274e+08 -nan
1576616400: 5.0572662295e+08 -nan
1576616700: 5.1773769277e+08 -nan
1576617000: 4.9606386798e+08 -nan
1576617300: 4.8335383222e+08 1.2455247728e+10
1576617600: 4.8002968505e+08 1.2482503323e+10
1576617900: 4.6741946588e+08 1.2267692389e+10
1576618200: 4.6667115358e+08 1.2161598188e+10
1576618500: 4.6839603916e+08 1.1989191781e+10
1576618800: 4.5633088307e+08 1.1749496435e+10
1576619100: 4.4917917467e+08 1.1553405580e+10
1576619400: 4.5977683273e+08 1.1260256399e+10
1576619700: 4.4574318234e+08 1.1384981443e+10
1576620000: 4.2982898363e+08 1.0968980616e+10

Perhaps it doesn’t store it after reaching the RRD limit.

Did you run RRDTune after changing the ifSpeeds and wait for the graph to re-draw?

When traffic on a LAG reaches above 100G the graph is zeroed out

Hi Chas,

thanks, looks like the same issue. Good catch. I will try the solution.

Reporting back on the snmpget we ran last night : it shows expected values continuously and the rrd file shows the same ‘nan’ gap, so the device is reporting ok, the values arrive in libre but do not end up correct in the rrd.

Solution worked.

Thanks again, Chas.


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