Port not connected or down

our librenms server is working fine and is monitoring 465 devices. It’s installed on CentOS 7. The question I have is more a how to than a real question…

We have a lot of switchs that we monitor. A lot of them need to be replaced. Over the years, we installed more equipments and a lot of the ports in those switchs are not used anymore. Since we’re in the middle of a project to replace a lot of them, I would like to know if I can use librenms to list the ports that are unused. The unused ports will be disconnected and we’ll need less switchs. That way, we will remove unnecessary equipments instead of replacing them.

I’ve listed the port with 0 Frames with commands like show interfaces. But with the COVID, some have been down for quite long and ports that have 0 Frame are perhaps there is a laptops at the other end that users took home.
When I use librenms ports menu and sort them by status change, some of them haven’t changed in :
a year
a few seconds
x months
x minutes

I have 13827 ports and the sorting isn’t good for that. Is there a way I can know how many ports (which ones) on every switch haven’t been use in 6 months or more ?

Thanks ! By the way, english is my second language, hope everything is clear !

I came across your post, as I’m also seeking the solution to bringing up alert for ‘ports down for more than x’. I see it’s old… but have you found a way, or does anyone have a suggestion for this?


No I still haven’t found a way.

We bought the equipments without the real numbers and will correct the errors while changing them…
We hope that we don’t end up with too much equipement than necessary or worst, with not enough new equipments…