Port Settings Name (Interface)


Just got libre installed up and working. I got a few cisco switches already in there sending data. Is there a way to rename the interfaces instead of GigabitEthernet1/0/1 etc? I’d rather have it say WIFI Public for a specific port I have configured, etc.

There doesnt seem to be an easy way to do this eh?

You can edit the interface name, if you click on the device, and then port settings, you can rename them.

Ya but you can only edit the description from what I can see

The goal of LibreNMS is to monitor a device, and Cisco defined the name of devices, so changing that does not make much sense … You can indeed change the description, this is exactly made for that purpose. So put “WIFI Public” in the description of your device, and voila, LibreNMS will display it as well.
Even more, you can defined tags in the description (Interface Description Parsing - LibreNMS Docs) and use that to do more filtering/alerting.

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