PORT Speed status change alert


i want to configure an alert for port speed change i have some AP their port speed chnage from 100M to 10M or from 1G to 100M , i need a rule to pops up a notification when this happens
and another rule for duplix change from full to half

waiting your help thanks

if u know example that AP 1 always got 1 G connection
u can make a specific rule that if “ifspeed” drops under 900 mbit u get an alert

So for the 100 to 10 also

Thanks no i have hundred of AP , my issue that has cable or RJ change the port speed from 1G to 100M i need to know with rules when it happens

Hi Magd_nuh
Did you find a way to do this?
please can you share with us!

why not combine rule?
if ifspeed = 100M AND cable ifType = rj45 …

if ifspeed = 100M and ( ifName = a or ifName = b ifName = c ifName = d)
… associated to specific Accesspoints or a Device Group of Accesspoints