Port utilisation over threshold for lo interface


I’ve just added a web hosting server to LibreNMS.

Since adding, I am seeing many alerts of the form:

Subject: Alert for device somehost - Port utilisation over threshold

Alert for device somehost - Port utilisation over threshold
Severity: critical
Timestamp: 2017-09-08 00:26:16
Unique-ID: 448
Rule: Port utilisation over threshold
#1: port_id => 109; ifDescr => lo;
Alert sent to: NOC [email protected]

I’m not sure why I’m getting these alerts, am still new to LibreNMS.

Any ideas why and what I should do to “fix” the issue?

This the interface:

Is the issue 10Mbps ?



In the web ui go to the device and click on the Little Gear>Edit>Ports
Check Disable and Ignore and then click save

The first Option would be disable polling and ignore alerts for this port.
I have found that monitoring loop backs are not necessary.

The second option is to adjust the ifSpeed.
In the same place, you can adjust the interface speed.

The third Option would be if don’t want librenms to monitor loop backs you can set in config.php

Hi Kevin,

Thank you. I’ve made the changes.

I may consider ignoring the loopback interface altogether since I see no benefit to monitoring/graphing it anyway.

Thanks again.