Port utilization trying to figure out percentage or other

Hi all,

So I’m trying to create an alert to notify us when someone us using a ton of bandwidth at their computer. It sounds like I can use macros.port_out_usage_perc put I’m not sure what percentage to put there. What does this value base it off of? The port speed? (which all are 1GB ports on the switch). Or do I use ports.ifOutOctets_rate which I’ve seen bounced around on these forums.

Our ISP gives us 400Mbit/s which is basically 50MBytes/s. So if someone is using a ton of bandwidth for like 15min straight I wanna be notified. This also could be useful for security (I.e if malware is on a PC and doing botnet stuff)


macros.port_out_usage_perc And give it a percentage value. I.e 90% of the ports speed is used.

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