Porting Custom Changes

I made some custom changes to the dashboard visuals (HTML, CSS, etc). I wasn’t happy with the basic dashboard as it didn’t provide enough information. My customised one provides greater detail about device, OS, ip address etc.

How do I ensure they changes remain, post update? I’ve had to turn off updates to prevent error alerts from appearing in the console. I know very little about github and its uses.

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Hi @WKilner,

Basically, you got it right, there is no way to keep the updates from LibreNMS and do your own modifications without playing with git.
The prefered way would be to create one or more patches, and submit them (like a new dashboard, or new options for the actual dashboard)
If you do not submit them, you’ll have to manually merge your changes with LibreNMS master each time they touch a common file … Will quickly be annoying so I would suggest you option 1 :wink:

The documentation will help you :

and particularly

You should probably do some experiments on a dedicated LibreNMS install (create or clone a VM for this purpose).

And when you get ready, start from LibreNMS master, and push your changes using one or more PushRequests (PR) in order to keep them easy to understand.

May be adding a new display type that would match your provided capture (named “details” for instance) would be the way to add into the existing dashboard your display.

When these changes would be accepted into master, then you would be able to re-enable upgrades on your main LibreNMS machine and gain all the discovery, and core upgrades.

Feel free to ask questions.