Ports disabled and ignored by default

I have a fairly large network with many thousands of access ports. I don’t need or want to monitor them.
I am only interested in the uplinks and inter-switch connections. Is there a way to have this the default for a device discovery? all ports disabled and ignored unless I manually activate them?


I don’t know a function like this.
Maybe edit MySQL tables manually…

I think this would be great feature as well!

I consider this feature necessary as well.

Could be a useful thing, I’m in a similar situation.

Thinking forward: any ideas for a useful way to separate the downlink from the uplink ports?

By which attribute found in the database could one differentiate up- and downlink on a generic level on any type of machine? What would be the most common characteristic, found in most of the oses information?

There is no such option for the moment during the discovery process. I see a few ways of doing this :

  • Only monitor ports with a neighbor (xDP) that is a network devices, and already discovered in LibreNMS
  • Only monitor ports with specific descriptions
  • Monitor all but ports with specific descriptions

If you have other ideas …

@PipoCanaja Your first point is a good one, that should give a stable algorithm.
Point two and three came to my mind first, but that would be “configuration instead of convention” - so that would be last resort. In between I see something like having a local convention (like “always use the last port on the two first linecards in a device as uplink”), but this is just a modification of “…specific description”.

Now, coming back to the problem of @John_Bigrow there is the timing question: when i add a device, it will be immediately discovered - “immediately” in the sense of “as soon as it is scheduled”. To let the system discover as few things as possible I would add the device and issue the API call I mentioned before immediately after that. In the context of timing and workflow: would that stop the system from executing a scheduled discovery? And would that also stop an already running discovery?