Ports listing—minor issues:column names Up/Down, filter on port name, device's ports tab filter, limit displayed subtending ports

Hi Guys,

Just a few small issues with the port listing, both on the dedicated page and under a device’s ports tab.

Firstly, it would make more sense to me (and be more consistent with the RRD Graphs) to label the Up & Down columns on the port listing page as In & Out, as the concept of Up/Down is somewhat relative to which direction the port is facing, and may not make sense at all in an internal network.

Another small small issue on this page is that while it’s possible to filter on port description, it’s not possible to filter on port name itself.

Thirdly, the port filter is not available when viewing the port under a specific device page, which for devices with many interfaces or sub-interfaces is quite useful.

Lastly, the display of subtending ports can be excessively long in several places in the UI when there are numerous sub-interfaces. It would be sensible to limit the display, e.g., to 3-5 subtending ports, with a “” that can be expanded to show them all.

Hope it makes sense to group all these together in one request. As they are fairly minor I figured it would be easier than putting in multiple separate requests.

Thanks for the great work.