Post DB Collation/CharacterSet update fixes

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If you find your schema update is currently looping then please re-run ./ to update again.

The schema change we released earlier set the schema version to a lower number so schema updates would be re-run.

if after running validate you are showing as being on schema version 171 but get collation errors then do the following:

If you receive the following: [FAIL] MySQL Database collation is wrong: latin1 latin1_swedish_ci

echo 'ALTER DATABASE librenms CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;' | mysql -p -u librenms librenms 

If you receive the following: [FAIL] MySQL tables collation is wrong: or [FAIL] MySQL column collation is wrong: then please run:

mysql -p -u librenms librenms < /opt/librenms/sql-schema/171.sql
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it works :slight_smile: thanks