PostgreSQL as librenms backend

Hi, right now I installed Librenms on Debian with apache and mysql roughly following the instructions on
It’s running fine, my prefered database however is postgresql at the moment.
Are there any special requirements for using postgresql as backend or are there negative sides on using it instead of postgresql?


Not possible right now but once we move more to Laravel then you will be able to.

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OK, thanks for your response

Hello, I see that postgresql wasn’t possible as a backend back in aug 2018 but wondering if that is still the case? Thanks for any info!

I’m wondering the same.

Hi guys,
Still the case, other DBs are not yet supported.

I know this is an old thread…
A year and a half has passed since the last comment and I was wondering if other DBs are now supported?

I’m wondering the same.

Our system is capable, but LibreNMS contains a large amount of MySQL specific queries. They need to be ported to Laravel’s Fluent or Eloquent to work on multiple SQL backends.

I try to change queries when I touch them, but that is not enough if you want things ported in a timely manner. Pull requests are welcome as always.

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Just checking in - I know this is an old thread, but feels reasonable to keep it all together.

Documentation still seems to cover Oracle/MySQL, so I presume the queries havent been ported, but thought its been a few years so I might ask.