PowerShield SNMP Card Incorrectly showing as Orvaldi OS

I have a PowerShield UPS using a PowerShield SNMP card. In LibreNMS all values are working but it’s showing as a ‘Orvaldi UPS’ not PowerShield. Can this be corrected to the correct vendor as PowerShield?

Product: https://powershield.com.au/product/internal-snmp-coms-card-with-emd-port-v4/
MIB : https://powershield.com.au/download/pssnmpv4-mib-files/

Discover: PowerShield UPS - Discovery - LibreNMS
Poller: PowerShield UPS - Poller - LibreNMS
SNMP: PowerShield UPS - SNMP - LibreNMS

Logo: https://powershield.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/PowerShield-Logo.jpg

This device is recognized as Orvaldi because of this:

            oid: .
            op: starts
            value: VER

Looking at your SNMPrec, the value at that OID from your device is:
. = STRING: "VERFW:03112.01"

So this is clearly a match to your device.

Also, the sysObjectID for your device is:
. = OID: .

The number 43943 is the PEN (unique ID per manufacturer). 43943 belongs to Voltronic, a (seemingly) Chinese brand of UPS’es.

It looks like your PowerShield UPS is just a rebadged Voltronic UPS’ es, perhaps with Orvaldi software. When Googling on ‘OLHV3K0’ I also come across BlueWalker UPS and Forza UPS systems, which are probably more rebadged UPS brands using the same software/controller card

If you want this device to be properly identified as a PowerShield UPS, it needs to identify itself as such… and it doesn’t seem to do that. I don’t see anything in your SNMPrec that would allow us to properly identify this device as a PowerShield.

Looking at your product image, Orvaldi has the exact same photo:

It’s also sold as a APC (Schneider Electric) accesory: APV9601

Or just Googling “ups snmp card” shows the same little card over and over again for all kinds of different brands.

You got a UPS with a very generic/common interface card

Thanks Tozz that makes a lot of sense. Happy for this request to be closed off