Price per unit in traffic accounting

The current setup does not allow for “price tags” to be applied to a traffic bill.

Certain billing solutions require a full set of data (e. g. port, quota amount, price per unit overusage, amount of overusage) to be transmitted or grabbed from a traffic accounting system to create a bill for the customer.

A solution would be a rewrite of the accounting system to have additional fields in the database which can then be grabbed from or pushed to a billing solution.

New fields could be:

  • Price per Unit (dependant on type of bill, e. g. quota or 95th)
  • Unit (quota: MB, GB, TB, …; 95th: kbit/s, Mbit/s, Gbit/s, …)
  • Currency (USD, GBP, EUR, …) [optional]

Also optional: To have a complete billing setup, even the price tag for the booked quota or traffic commitment could be added.