Printer page counters

How Can I create graphs with printer page counters for epson printers?

This function show this value:
/usr/bin/snmpget -v1 -c public -OUqnv -M /opt/librenms/mibs udp:IPPRINTER:161 .

You can add support using these docs or you can open issue in git hub and when somebody has time and want to contribute they will look at it… make sure you supply all info asked in the template.

Git Hub issue link

I did it.

Custom-oid is all what i need :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that PR has not not been approved and merged into Libre NMS. If you applied that PR to your install it will stop updates.

I need to have this information, so unless librenms create an official addition to create my own charts, I need to use it