Printer/Plotter Alert

Hello friends
I am new to this platform and need your help.
We have some color and black & white printer I need to make two rules 1 for black & white printer and one for color so if cartridge less than 10% email will come how is this possible can any of you guys help?

Not 100% sure the solution but here’s something to get you started.

It would be a good idea to review the documentation on how to set up alerting, here:
Introduction to Alerting - LibreNMS Docs

You can alert of percentage of print supplies left by using printer_supplies.supply_current in an alert rule, see image below.

If you want to monitor black and white printers differently than colour printers, then you could create a device group for your b&w printers, and another device group for colour printers.

That way you can create two alert rules, and apply different rules for B&W and colour printers.
Grouping Devices - LibreNMS Docs

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